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World record in
cycling backwards with violin

60,45 km in 5h 09 min.

World record in
cycling backwards (without violin)

113,3 km in 6 Std
artistic cycling
playing in front of the concert hall of Hamburg
Extract from a German newspaper :
  • " Dithmarschen. Christian Adam (neé Patzig) couldn´t believe it ! He set up a new worldrecord. In a suisse motorway tunnel he was cycling backwards 60.45 km while playing J.S. Bach on his violin. The well - known Showmaster Kurt Felix had asked Christian Adam to try this record for his Suisse TV Show "Supertreffer". Christian did it. Everybody was astonished to see him sitting on the handlebar and pedaling 60 kilometer quite relaxed. The music stand was fixed where the " visual " cyclist has his saddle. Christian was astonished about the good sound in the motorway tunnel. Undouptedly he is better in the Concert hall of Hamburg. Here he is studying music with the violin as main subject. Beside he was concertmaster for many years in the youth Orchestra from Schleswig -Holstein."
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    some personal data :
    • Christian Adam (neé Patzig)
      born 11.11.1963 in Meldorf / Germany
    • learned cycling with ? years
    • playing violin since 1970
    • studying music with main subject violine in Hamburg 1981-89
    • since 1988 working full-time as a violinmaker
    •  2000 examination for the master craftman´s diploma as a violin maker
    bicycle performances
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